hellohobokenHi, Moxy! So glad you have found us!

Whether you’re new to the site, familiar with us as a social network, or have attended our events; we wanted to quickly move past this awkward stage and get to besties ASAP. So here it is. This is us.

Newlyweds, we’re lookin’ at you. You just said “I Do” and before you tucked that lily-white honeymoon bikini away the thought of “wait…what if I’m preggers” has had to have crossed your mind. And now that your days of pinning are slowing down you need a new obsession. Whenever you plan to bring up the subject of kids to your man, we want to be your network reading to support you and transition you onto the mothership.

For you preggos, we are here for you! We’re hear to help you indulge, give a little bit of advice here and there, and find those skinny jeans that, btw hell yea you can still fit into.

For new moms, we don’t sleep, so we’re always available for an e-hang sesh. We sympathize with your dirty hair, new muffin top, lack of energy, friends who don’t why you’re never around, and the gut wrenching love for a human you grew in your own body that so many people just don’t understand. You grew a human. You’re a rockstar.

Moms who are in the grind – we ARE you. We put ourselves last, the dog gets a manicure more often than we do! The gym staff slow claps when you arrive just as class is about to start. When we forget bake sales we channel our inner Moxy Martha and high five ourselves at 2a when we’re staring at our amazing masterpiece. We fix boo boos and push pins into Voo Doo Doll for mean girls. We’re ATM’s, punching bags, personal chefs, cab drivers and drill sergeants. And guess what, our husbands think it’s hot.

We were all somebody before we became everybody’s everything. That’s what Moxy & Main is all about. We pride ourselves on maintaing the “me” in mommie no matter what stage you are at.

We make time to have girls night out, we do splurge on those boots we need to own, we love our kids with every inch of our being and in our most inner core. We do all the research so you don’t have to. We pack your social calendar so all you have to do is accept an invitation. We know what it’s like to not be able to stay on trends, keep tabs on celebs, or if overalls are in again. We got you, girl.

And on a local level we’ve got you too. Our local girls are heels on the ground everywhere in America. Whether you’re new to town, looking to relocate or just passing by… we have a pulse on where to be at all times, what’s going on and why your city rocks.

So, welcome to the fam. Let’s have some fabulous fun.


Moxy & Main Team